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Passionate about democracy

I am offended at Doug McAvoy's assertion that NUT delegates cannot be trusted to reflect average members' views.

As a working teacher, union representative and parent of two children in state schools, can I say that it was a privilege and honour to attend conference this year to help champion the cause of state education on behalf of members, many of whom I know personally, in what is surely one of the great democratic debates?

As a rookie delegate, I was very much inspired by the great comradeship and the genuine passionately-held beliefs expressed in the debating chamber by teacher representatives on behalf of their classroom colleagues.

I suspect that time will tell us whether Mr McAvoy and his leadership are in synchronisation with the majority of NUT members. In the meantime, to quote a colleague, "Let's celebrate our membership of the most active and democratic campaigning union."


President Banbury and district local association

National Union of Teachers

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