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Past TimesEd

75 years ago

May 21, 1927

THE "scientific measurement" movement proceeds apace in America. The varied uses of the achievement tests are manifold. The case is recorded of two schools, the top class of one mentally a year younger than the top class of the other, which show the same achievements in history and geography. Superficial comment would say that one school has been wasting its time; American measurements reveal that both schools have been wasting their time, for they are both so far below the norms that a year's difference of inferiority is almost insignificant.

25 years ago

May 20, 1977

A KEY feature of the new programme (the Holland report, Young people and work) is the proposal to pay young people taking part a flat rate of pound;18 a week. The report draws attention to the difficulties if and when a youngster on one of the Manpower Services Commission schemes wants to move into full-time further education, and discovers that by doing so he stands to lose his pound;18 a week. This is only another way of pointing out the anomaly of virtually guaranteeing school-leavers pound;18 a week, while expecting those who stay on in education to depend on parental support and spare-time earning.

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