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Past TimesEd

75 years ago

January 21, 1928

The comparative study of educational methods and organization is always valuable. MATTHEW ARNOLD taught England a great deal from his study of German and French education...

Current developments in French secondary education are of remarkable interest to English observers, as they show the unexpected fact that there is in progress in France a process not at all unlike the developments recommended in the recent report of the Consultative committee on the Education of the Adolescent. The process is more logical, as might be expected. French administrators know how to make a franc go a good deal farther than a shilling goes here. They waste nothing in either the kitchen or the school.

50 years ago

January 23, 1953

Prophets of woe who have proclaimed that western Germany was turning Nazi have abounded since the war, but so far their fears have not been fulfilled. But the recent survey of public opinion conducted on behalf of the American High Commission contains some worrying findings about the 18 to 24-year-olds, of whom 49 per cent think that there was more good than evil in the Nazi party, and 56 per cent want a single, strong national party.

25 years ago

January 20, 1978

There has been some acclaim for the Treasury in the last week over its cleverness in not allocating all of the cash involved in a projected 2 per cent annual rise in public spending. There is admiration for a stratagem which should make it easier for the Government to hold down public spending if the 3.5 per cent growth rate they hope for does not materialize: people (including Cabinet ministers) squeal less at losing money they never had than at losing money they have already been allocated.

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