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25 years ago

June 3, 1977

Everything suggests that 1977, the Jubilee year, is a year of transition. Years of transition and historic turning points do not lend themselves to celebration, but fortunately jubilees do. So bring on the mugs and medals, roll out the barrels, and occupy a brief time between the achievements of the past and the hopes for the future in a little innocent rejoicing.

50 years ago

June 6, 1952

Miss A Young, presiding at the National Federation of Class Teachers' conference at Gateshead, said that a mood of resentment had gripped teachers in these last few years. The idealism of the conscientious teacher had been shattered on the rocks of post-war realities, and in education, the future looked grim. Yet never was education more necessary to a nation. In the drive for a prosperous Britain, the full application of the (1944) Education Act was essential. But a most serious blot on the system was that of 600 blacklisted schools, condemned in 1921 because they did not come up to the minimum standards laid down in 1902. These schools still housed children.

75 years ago June 4, 1927

The National Association of Head Teachers' annual conference, begins to-day at Liverpool where, for the first time, a lady, Miss IW Gibb, will sit as president. It is clear enough that the conference will affirm the policy of raising the compulsory age of attendance to 15 by, at any rate, 1932. It is generally recognised that it is disastrous for children to be without school life or employment at the opening of the age of adolescence, while it is almost as generally recognised that a liberal basis in education cannot be laid before the completion of the 15th year. (The leaving age was raised to 15 in 1947).

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