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Past TimesEd

75 years ago

* December 1, 1928

Few experiences, if any, could be more thrilling to an enthusiastic teacher than to assist at the birth of a new school. We all, unless the joy of life has completely escaped us, love a beginning, a fresh startI Where the pupils have confidence in and respect for the staff, where the staff believe in and trust the pupils, where both love the work and honour the name and reputation of the school, there is little to be feared.

50 years ago

* NOVEMBER 27, 1923

It is not surprising that there should be some difficulty in deciding which girls and boys are worthy of a university education at the public expense.

At least it should surprise no one who has examined the broader process of selection at eleven plus.

The borderline is always with usI A success at the advanced level in GCE is no certain guide. The marks which earn a state scholarship even can be deceptive.

25 years ago

* December 1, 1978

As we go to press it looks extremely likely that this will be the last issue of the Times Educational Supplement to appear for a while. Readers will be aware that Times Newspapers Ltd set a deadline of November 30 on on new operating agreements with the unions for the Times, Sunday Times and the supplements...

It can hardly be necessary to remind readers of the TES how this paper suffered earlier this year (and for most of last year) from a succession of unofficial disputes which interrupted productionI If there is now to be a period of suspension, we can only apologise to all our readers and advertisers and assure them that we hope to be back again as soon as these serious difficulties have been overcome.

Over the past 68 years the TES has achieved a unique position in educational journalism in this country - and perhaps in the world - as a source of news, ideas and comment, and as a noticeboard for teachers' jobs.

We are aware of the responsibilities that go with this. But we are even more aware that we have no special claim on the loyalty of readers or advertisers.

The TES reappeared on November 16, 1979

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