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Past TimesEd

75 years ago

* FEBRUARY 16 1929

The fourth question discussed (at the London Teachers' Association's annual conference) was the gradual elimination of married women from the teaching service. In the case of some exceptional women it is certainly true that they can give full service to their school and their home with full loyalty to both. But some exceptional people can do almost anything...It would be impossible for the local authority to reserve power to retain the services of a married woman in cases where exceptional ability for both home and school was shown. There must be one rule for all. In many cases experience shows that either the home or the school suffers ... Successive generations of new women teachers should not be blocked by teachers who have made the choice of marriage.

50 years ago

* FEBRUARY 19 1954

Teachers are understandably angry at the minister's proposal to increase the contributions which they make to their pensions.

It seems, however, that the Government are fully determined to go forward with the Bill...The proposed contribution of 6 per cent is in keeping with what obtains in professional as opposed to artisan superannuation.

25 years ago

An industrial dispute kept the TES out of production from November 30, 1978 to November 16, 1979.

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