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Past TimesEd

75 years ago

* April 6, 1929 The history of the education of girls in this country, which has been written by Mrs Gardiner, is the record of efforts frustrated by prejudice, by opposition, and by false ideals, all derived ultimately from the persistent view that woman is an inferior creature to man and therefore to be educated only in such a way as would make her more attractive and useful to him...Except for the period of the Renaissance and of the 18th-century Blue Stockings, the story has a surprising uniformity, and the developments of the last 60 years show how quick and how extensive has been the change.

50 years ago

* April 9, 1954 Whether women graduates make good wives is constantly discussed, particularly by those who marry them.

The PEP report, Graduate Wives, gives them a clean bill of health. They cook as well, divorce no more, and appear on the whole to be as amiable as any other kind of wife. The arguments that their academic education is wasted in marriage and that their university places might better have gone to determined spinsters (if any such exist) are not impressive.

An attractive and talentedyoung woman who goes to the university may be taken as one of the last remaining devotees of liberal education without any vocational blemish... Perhaps most important of all, considering the emphasis teachers place on sound home influences, she will be able to share with her children what the university has given her.

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