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Patchy results from first post mortem

THE first concrete indication of the extent of the problems has come from Renfrewshire which surveyed all its 14 secondaries. Of 9,000 Higher presentations, more than 230, or 2.5 per cent, were affected by missing data.

The Standard grade equivalent is 143 presentations with incomplete information, out of 17,000 presentations (0.84 per cent). At Higher level, 760 of 9,000 Renfrewshire presentations across all subjects resulted in grades that were worse thn predicted, as were 350 of the 17,000 Standard grade presentations.

Shelagh Rae, the council's director of education and a member of the SQA board, said the picture was patchy and there was no consistency across schools or subjects. Some schools reported no problems while others experienced difficulties.

Missing information was most significant in Higher drama, geography, history, maths and music, and in Standard grade music and science.

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