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In a new column on teachers' earnings, Michael Duffy, answers your questions "I'm a good honours graduate. I have nine points for experience and qualifications and, from last September, an additional responsibility point - so I can apply for threshold assessment. But I plan to move to a new school in September. Will this affect my application? Or should I postpone applying until I'm in my new school?" "The answer is no to both your questions. Remember you need to show you have been working to the standards over two years or so. If you can do this you must apply to your present headteacher before the closing date at the end of May. Your head then has until the end of the summer to decide on your application. All applications and decisions will be sent to Cambridge Education Associates, responsible for overseeing the process. To ensureheads have applied the standards correctly a sample of applications and decisions will go for external assessment.

"This is likely to involve a school visit, including classroom observation - except where the teacher has moved, as you hope to, to a different school.

"The assessment process ends during the autumn term, by which time all teachers will have been told in confidence the result of their application. For the successful ones the threshold salary increase will be backdated to September - and your new head will suddenly discover that you are going to cost the school pound;2,000 more than calculated. Don't panic - in the first years of the scheme schools can draw down extra cash to fund the new arrangements. And think of the bargain your new head is getting!

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