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Pay or not to pay

What planet does the NUT inhabit? Perhaps it is one that does not exist in our solar system. I expect it has not heard of the credit crunch and financial meltdown to which all of us are being subjected - that the Government's public sector borrowing requirement has now exceeded Pounds 100 billion. Otherwise, why would the union be demanding a 10 per cent pay hike for its members?

Christine Blower, the NUT's acting general secretary, asks the School Teachers' Review Body not to be influenced by the economic downturn. This is chutzpah - given that all other employees are affected by it.

It is not a little disingenuous for her to argue that the pay increase should be as high as the union is demanding on the grounds that there were successive below-inflation pay awards from 2005, conveniently forgetting to mention that from 1998 to 2004, there were successive above-inflation awards for teachers.

David Sassoon, Director, Schools Support Services Ltd, London.

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