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Pay point made

Chris Trinder's view that governors are awarding teachers fewer salary points ("Economist warns of pay slippage", TES, January 19) is not borne out by the School Teachers' Review Body survey.

The Review Body survey shows a 2.5 per cent increase (102,540, including those for experience) in the number of salary points for those school teachers who remained in the same schools between September 1994 and 1995. Primary schools showed a 4.5 per cent increase, secondary were at 3 per cent; 19,220 additional points were given for responsibilities. In the same period heads and deputies received 22,905 additional points.

This trend is confirmed by the 3.9 per cent increase in earnings for a matched sample of teachers in the New Earning Survey for the year 1994-95.

MIKE WALKER Assistant secretary Local Government Management Board London SW1

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