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Pay as you protest

West Dunbartonshire may have granted its employees an hour off work to demonstrate against war in Iraq on the day conflict started, but teachers in other authorities may not be so lucky.

At the Glasgow rally in George Square, the talk was of whether the city's education department would resort to the dreaded "deeming" of not so fond memory, by deducting a day's wages.

Two people safe from such indignities are south side heidies Jean Campbell of Glendale primary and Ken Goodwin of Shawlands Academy, who joined the protesting dominies gathered around the Educational Institute of Scotland banner - after school hours.

While director Ronnie O'Connor can rest assured that they did not bunk off, Goodwin did admit to having his usual afternoon nap before leaving school.

We think he was joking.

The new opportunities to protest after such a long period of relative quiet on the industrial front prompted suggestions that the peaceniks should emulate the popular "friends reunited" website and set up one called "demonstrators reunited".

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