Pay Off Your Mortgage offer

Just think of the things you could do with the spare cash if you didn't have to pay your mortgage every month. The current BBC2 series Pay Off Your Mortgage in Two Years (Thursdays, 8pm) follows eight households over a two-year period as they attempt to do just that. Guided by business guru Rene Carayol, the series records every triumph and tribulation as each household heads towards their goal through a range of money-saving and money-making strategies.

We have five copies of the accompanying book (published by BBC Books, Pounds 14.99) to give away. Business consultant Graham Hooper demystifies the mortgage maze and explains in simple language how we can all plot our own paths to financial freedom.

For your chance to win, answer this question.What does APR stand for: a) Annual Percentage Rate or b) Awful Price Rise?

Mark your answers wellingtons or mortgage and send them on a postcard to the TES address or by email to Remember to include your name and contact details. Entries close January 26.

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