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Do you have a notebook computer that you have to lug around all day and gets heavier and heavier? So how do you make sure you have all the files, contact details and bookmarks you need without having to carry six or seven pounds of tin and plastic?

Enter Migo - a smart USB memory stick that has the memory and the resident software to let you recreate your desktop with all your files and links - on any machine, wherever you are. Great idea? You bet.

Using Migo is simplicity itself. Plug it into a USB slot, find it on the desktop and start running the PocketLogin software, which is easy - it even uses the web to update itself each time you use it. It then lets you select the files you want to take with you, and clicking the "synchronise now" button synchronises your Outlook, desktop and chosen files. It will automatically keep the past 30 days' changes from your desktop, wallpaper, and browser favourites.

Plug Migo into any other computer and you launch it again. You can have your stuff and work on it. And when you've finished, just log off and take it with you. The software works with Outlook 2000, 2002 and 2003. Power House Technologies, which produces Migo, is working on other versions for client software such as Lotus Notes and other machines such as the Mac. The Migo comes in sizes up to 512Mb and larger capacity models are planned.

Migo has enormous potential in education. Most pupils have access to a machine at home - probably their own. The trouble with the machines at school is that they are not theirs. What Migo can do is enable all students to have a truly personal computer wherever they are. This is bound to be a great boon to their productivity. Rather than having to relearn the desktop on every machine they use, Migo users get the benefit of the familiarity with their own desktop, links and files, so they benefit from the increased user effectiveness that we all know this brings.

Truly personal computing anywhere, anytime - and without having to lug around six pounds of tin and plastic. That certainly sounds great to me.

Les Watson is pro vice-chancellor at Glasgow Caledonian University

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Les Watson

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