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PE - Fun lessons are no sweat

What is it?

This is a very good collection of Teachers TV videos with ideas for primary PE. They cover a variety of topics and give tips for delivering the lessons yourself.

Getting started

Primary PE has some great ideas for warm-up, delivering football skills and learning stomp dancing. Skills and drills and warm-ups are excellent for keeping children on their toes - they know it's not for the whole lesson and are eager to know what to do next. In the "DVD game", the teacher uses a sheet with a symbol from the play, pause, fast-forward or stop buttons to give instructions to the children. So for "play", they walk around the room, not bumping into anyone; for "pause", they jump up and down on the spot; and for "fast forward", they run on the spot, and so on. For football skills, the teacher plays "traffic lights" to teach the children to keep their head up while dribbling the ball, so they can see who to pass to. They have to watch constantly for the teacher's visual instruction. A green cone starts them off; red, they have to stop with a foot on the ball; and orange, they have to sit on the ball.

Taking it further

There are two dance videos. The first one, Dance - Four Body Shapes, shows how pupils at Brindishe Green School in London have been improving their dancing and cross-curricular learning by using different body shapes in their dance lessons. The second one, Easy Dance Warm-Ups, has an expert guiding a primary teacher through a dance warm-up.

Where to find it

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