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PE - Teams work in all sports

"Team games" require more than knowledge of the rules and a willingness to join in. These resources introduce the individual skills always needed, such as catching, throwing, aiming and playing as a team. There are also plans for invasion and team games. These will be of particular value for the non-PE specialists in schools.

- For a basic introduction to sporting moves, such as leaping, hopping, overarm throws and skipping, issacreedy45 has uploaded a series of step- by-step guides.

- Delios has also contributed a number of lesson plans for simple, enjoyable games to play with P1-3 pupils, such as bean- bag golf.

NGfLCymru has supplied two resources focusing specifically on ball skills - a lesson plan looking at the basics of catching a ball, and another on kicking, which includes group games to help improve pupils' aim and control.

There are a number of resources on cricket, including a scheme of work from mattiek, that will be useful for P6 teachers. Tedspackman has uploaded a resource which outlines various drills primary teachers can use to practise cricket skills such as fielding, catching and bowling.

If you're looking to introduce volleyball, nwhitby22 has uploaded two useful resources, one focusing on the serve, and the other on the "dig".

A great overall resource is the A to Z of games to play with primary children (RHC), which offers a huge number of activities, from accumulation tag (teams take turns to run to a line, gathering members as they go), through to wheelbarrow races.

Finally, guzzle has uploaded ideas for fun and informative team-building games, such as obstacle courses, orienteering and "rope run".

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