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Peace patrol

* Inverclyde: peaceful schools conferences for S5 pupils in Port Glasgow and Greenock focus on the attitudes and skills involved in conflict resolution. Senior pupils work with P6 pupils in their associated primaries.

* Clackmannanshire: pupils at Alva Academy have linked with two schools in the Northern Cape in South Africa to study gang and tribal culture and explore solutions. At Alloa Academy, older pupils - all girls - set up a pupil support system, offering confidential advice to S1-S2 pupils. Anger management programmes were offered to children at risk of exclusion.

* Midlothian: a Who2blame project at Newbattle cluster new community school worked initially with a group of P7-S1 pupils to seek their views on violence, aggression and bullying. It led to a peer education pack with a game, worksheets and video. Peer educators have to be two years older than those they are working with.

* East Renfrewshire: a string of complaints from first-year pupils after every break at Woodfarm High led to a social education programme to tease out concerns. Some classes split into single-sex groups and pupils were given space to talk about how they felt. They have now produced an S1 relationships pack, In School Stay Cool.

* Edinburgh: 90 pupils from the Craigmillar area took part in a programme of creative arts workshops to encourage non-aggressive behaviour and address bullying and peer pressure. Dance workshops were used to promote feelings of health and vitality. Community education workers joined teachers and dance specialists in devising the programme.

Violence: Anti-violence initiatives in Scottish schools is published by the Edinburgh Peace and Justice Education Centre. Contact: peace-justice Copies of the report are available from David Mackenzie (01259 752159).

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