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Peg it on the number line

Norfolk County Council's mathematics team and a working party of teachers from schools in the county have produced a multi-media number line resource which is now available to primary schools across the country.

The Power of the Number Line is a comprehensive pack which provides pragmatic methods for using and developing number lines in key stage 1 and 2.

When children work with numbers arranged in a line they are provided with a powerful visual image to help their mental calculation strategies. Number lines are particularly useful for demonstrating the relationship between addition and subtraction as movements in opposite directions. The file includes an in-service training session, activities and number line resources, progression charts, a parents' workshop, a video and CD-Rom with 10 games. The Power of the Number Line offers a wealth of ideas and materials, links practice to theory and encourages interest and excitement in maths.

Maths specialists in the county had been looking at the relevance of number lines in the classroom for a couple of years, but it was a visit to Hungary that produced the stimulus for the resource, says Alison Borthwick, co-author of the pack and numeracy adviser for Norfolk: "We were lucky enough to go to Hungary and observe some fantastic teaching with number lines. That really inspired us to produce something for schools in Norfolk."

The project ballooned and a paper resource for Norfolk schools soon became a multi-media project worthy of national exposure. This resource will be fantastic for training purposes and for raising the profile of the number line as one of the most effective tools used in maths education.

In collaboration with the number line project, the colourful Walter's Windy Washing Line, by Neil Griffiths provides children with endless opportunities for exploring number lines and the broader maths curriculum.

The Power of the Number Line By Alison Borthwick and Constance Tyce Norfolk County Council pound;47.50, plus pound;2.50 postage and packaging

Tel: 01603 433276


Walter's Windy Washing Line from Corner To Learn pound;9.99

Tel: 07976 574627

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