Pension portion

John Howson

My independent school employer is paying me at the top of main scale and at four management points. My pension is based only on the main scale. Is this typical or do others schools count the amounts for management points? My salary is over pound;35k, but I am only earning a pension on some pound;29k of it.

Look at your contract of employment to see whether it says what counts as pensionable employment. Assuming your allowances are permanent, I would expect them to be included in the salary for pension purposes. Temporary allowances might be different. This could become an issue for all teachers if there are significant changes to the structure and award of allowances under the national review taking place. Investigate whether you can pay additional contributions or take out a personal pension on the extra income. The benefits probably will not be as generous as the teachers'

scheme, but it is something.

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John Howson

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