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MARGARET MADEN, formerly chief education officer for Warwickshire, is taking up the directorship of the Centre for Successful Schools and the associated chair in education at Keele University in October. She succeeds PROFESSOR MICHAEL BARBER, who is moving to the Institute of Education, London University.

Recipients of honorary degrees at Staffordshire University include: Sir RON DEARING, chair of the School Curriculum and Assessment Authority (doctor of technology); KEN LOACH, film director (doctor of letters); GEORGE RODGER, the renowned documentary photographer (doctor of letters); and ANDREAS PATSALIDES, director of PA College, Larnaca, Cyprus (doctor of technology).

Sheffield University is conferring honorary degrees upon: SIR ROBERT KILPATRICK, president of the General Medical Council (doctor of laws); PROFESSOR MICHAEL STERLING, vice-chancellor of Brunel University (doctor of engineering); PROFESSOR GRAEME DAVIS, chief executive of the Higher Education Funding Council and vice-chancellor elect of Glasgow University (doctor of metallurgy); PETER HALL, professor of planning at University College, London (doctor of letters); and JOHN RIMINGTON, director general of the Health and Safety Executive (doctor of science).

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