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THE head of Ampleforth College Leo Chamberlain, is leaving at the end of the year to be Master of St Benet's Hall, Oxford.

Father Leo, 62, has been head since 1992 and by December he will have completed 40 years service in the North Yorkshire Catholic independent school. He will be succeeded by Gabriel Everitt, 47, who is the school's third master, a housemaster and head of Christian theology.

Martyn Vickers, head of Danum school technology college, Doncaster, has been appointed executive director of learning for the new Doncaster Education City project which will transform 14 to 19 education in the area.

Mr Vickers will spearhead curriculum developments and set up links with the education authority, local colleges, universities and schools to increase participation. Alan Mendum, recently retired deputy, who will act as head until the governors find a new candidate.

Roger Edwardson will be the director of education and libraries for Coventry City Council. He is currently assistant director of education and libraries in Newcastle and has worked in Cambridgeshire and County Durham.

He replaces Cathy Goodwin who has retired.

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