Headteachers may think twice before employing a newly qualified teacher who does not know the number of days in a year. Or what a mammal is. Or who thinks the Indian Ocean is a continent.

But we hope that Big Brother contestant Rachel Rice, finds employment in a school, despite her lapses in memory during general knowledge tests on the show.

The 24-year-old trainee English and drama teacher has had plenty of opportunities for gaffes after two months under constant scrutiny in the Big Brother house.

Last week, Rex, a fellow housemate, chided her for thinking that absorption was spelt "absorbtion".

"That's not a word," he crowed. "`You're an English teacher, for God's sake."

"So?" she said. "Doesn't mean I know everything." She then insisted that "absorbtion" appeared in the dictionary.

"You're teaching children the wrong information." Rex responded. "You didn't even know what a mammal was."

Thankfully for Rachel, this exchange occurred after she was informed in the diary room that she had passed her PGCE, which she had been studying at the University of Wales Institute, Cardiff.

Mario, another housemate who has since been evicted, said Rachel had "obviously impressed the education system while in here".

This may not be accurate, but we still hope heads forgive her mistakes - including her biggest one: agreeing to appear on Big Brother.

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