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What is it with PE teachers that makes them choose reality television fame over their day jobs?

First there were the two student teachers on Big Brother, including Dale Howard, the trainee PE teacher who has been flexing his pecs on the show for the best part of the summer.

Now Marvyn Williams, a PE teacher from Leeds, has emerged from another Channel 4 show vowing to pursue a career in TV.

He was stranded on a Pacific island for four months as part of Shipwrecked, but the experience "opened doors" for him, apparently.

He told the Chorley Guardian: "Shipwrecked has given me a new perspective on what I want to do, and I love presenting and being in front of the camera.

"The children at school keep asking me what it was like on Shipwrecked and being on TV, and it's boosted the profile of my school.

"It's been fantastic working on TV and it's something I want to do full time. Shipwrecked has been a stepping stone for me and I hope it will give me a chance to become a full-time presenter."

The hunk has already appeared in Heat, Sugar and More magazines, which are no doubt popular with his pupils at Willowgarth High School in Barnsley.

And if the PE department feared he might let himself go while on his tropical trip, they need not have worried. The one "luxury item" he took with him was a Frisbee.

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