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Peter the Gael

"PJP", as he is known in the north, is an Education Minister with a decent turn of phrase. Uncommon, did you say?

Peter Peacock was to demonstrate the art when hauled before the annual conference of Comunn na Gaidhlig in Nairn to hail the imminent arrival of the Gaelic Bill.

Peacock, former convener in Highland, was a colleague of Michael Foxley, one of Gaelic's most vociferous campaigners - not bad for a man raised south of the border.

Foxley was often on call during the night and grabbed the chance to dispatch fax after fax to conveners and officials.

It got too much for one harassed official who protested: "I've just had another fox from Dr Faxley."

Faxley is the new vice-convener of Highland Council.

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