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Peterborough's poverty problems;Letter

ON READING your analysis of the effect of poverty on key stage 2 test results, your readers might be forgiven for concluding that Peterborough was indeed performing poorly in relation to the levels of disadvantage in the city.

What your readers will not have known, however, is that the percentage of pupils eligible for free school meals is almost double that contained in your analysis (25.2 per cent compared to 13 per cent).

This, of course, presents a significantly different picture . While we do have considerable progress to make, and indeed tough targets for literacy and numeracy at key stage 2, we are not so far away as your coverage would suggest.

It is, of course, to the great credit of our schools that we are making significant progress, particularly in the context of our low baseline - only 20 per cent of pupils begin school at the expected level compared to 60 per cent nationally.

Bill Goodwin Director of education Peterborough Council Bridge Street, Peterborough

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