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The PGCE graduate - Demoralised but hanging on to hope

Heather Stanton qualified with a PGCE in primary with French in June but is now claiming Jobseeker's Allowance after failing to find a job for September.

She said that signing on is "demoralising", but she remains hopeful about the future as she is well-qualified and prepared to move.

She claims the majority of fellow PGCE students at Cumbria University, where she studied, have left without jobs.

"I have completely thrown myself into job hunting and have looked across the country," Ms Stanton said. "I'm not fussy about which key stage I teach or where it is. I haven't tried London yet, but I will."

She added: "Visiting the job centre is very frustrating as you are told to apply for jobs you don't want, mainly bar work or retail. I really want the time to focus on job hunting for teaching work."

"I've signed up to do supply, and you never know where that might lead."

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