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Photocopying freedom

Your job and career questions answered

Q: My head has told me that a cash shortage means the school cannot afford to employ anyone to do our photocopying. I thought this was one of the tasks mentioned in the workload agreement. Can I force my head to find someone?

A: Bulk photocopying of work, such as class sets, is one of the tasks covered by the agreement that came into force this September. This means that the school should have established a structure to ensure it is done. This is a statutory requirement and cannot be avoided because the school has a budget crisis.

However, this covers only bulk copying, so you will still be expected to do the odd page of photocopying that might arise when you are researching for lessons.

But what happens if the person responsible for photocopying is absent? Normally, the school will make alternative arrangements, but in the short-term you might be expected to do your own copying. Most schools will have a system in place that will require some notice. Leave your lesson planning to the last minute and you might still find yourself chained to the photocopier.

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