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Physics - Three-day collision course

Seven physics teachers from Scottish schools left their dynamics trolleys and oscilloscopes behind earlier this month for a three-day visit to the site of a bigger experiment - the Large Hadron Collider at CERN in Geneva.

The trip was a result of the continuing partnership between the Scottish Schools Equipment Research Centre, the National Science Learning Centre in York and Research Councils UK.

Participants toured the labs and met the researchers who are trying to answer some of the fundamental questions of physics. They joined colleagues from south of the border and were accompanied by Jim Jamieson, the senior physics associate at SSERC.

Fred Young, SSERC's chief executive officer, said: "Not surprisingly, this event has been hugely over-subscribed. As particle physics is likely to feature in the new post-16 physics courses, there is a demand for this type of continuing professional development. Jim's presence will be a great asset. He has a track record of developing innovative practical work at all levels in school, something else that teachers have been asking for."

Since SSERC began co-ordinating the delivery of Research Councils UK courses in Scotland last May, more than 100 teachers have attended CPD events in cell biology, solar cells, seismology and motion-sensing.

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