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Pick Of The Discs

Complete Waste of Time (MPC). The Monty Python CD-Rom is in the shops now, and it's brilliant. The design is excellent, and I'd rather have one brief, shining moment with this disc than a lifetime of worthy research. Pounds 46.80 plus VAT and Pounds 3 postage from Longman Logotron (0223 425558). Age 17 upwards .

Myst (MPC and Mac). A sort of "wizard of Earthsea meets Cosmic Osmo" title. Seven beautiful worlds for exploration and discovery. Well documented, with information to help solve the quest.This disc sets a new standard for CD-Rom design and interaction. Pounds 41.99 from Softline (081-401 0058). Age 10 upwards.

Magic School Bus (MPC). What can I say? Get on the bus and travel the byways of your body. American school room setting. Pounds 45 from Microsoft software dealers. Age 7 upwards.

Encarta (MPC and Mac). The biggest and fastest growing multimedia reference work, makes up for strong American emphasis by sheer number of resources which can be cut and pasted for use elsewhere. Pounds 85 or less from Microsoft dealers. Age 10 upwards.

Stowaway (MPC and Mac). Prize-winning book lives again as a multimedia title. Man of War introduced by crew providing several perspectives to life at sea in the olden days. Children love it. Pounds 49 from bookshops and software dealers (Dorling Kindersley 071-753 3488). Age 8 upwards.

Macbeth (Mac) Most stylish Shakespeare CD-Rom so far. Historical background, guide to Shakespeare's London are among the best features, apart from the play in full annotated text and audio form. Pounds 44 plus VAT from Softline (081-401 0058). Age 9 upwards.

7th Guest (Mac). Frightening exploration game of haunted house, beginning with a video sequence. You know exactly what you are letting yourself in for but it still makes you jump. Pounds 42.54 + VAT from Softline (081-401 0058). Age 15 upwards.

The Ultimate Human Body (MPC). Eyes swivel in their sockets, peristalsis rules. Don't worry, it's not a horror disc but an introduction to the human body, done with the clarity we have come to expect from DK. Pounds 79 from bookshops and software dealers (Dorling Kindersley 071-753 3488). Age 10 upwards.

Hansard (PC). Serious politicos can see exactly what their MPs have said, or track the progress of specific pieces of legislation. A Lords version is on the way. The 199394 session Pounds 195 from Chadwyck Healey (0223 215512). Age 10 upwards.

English Poetry Plus (PC). Five thousand poems from Chaucer to the end of the 19th century. Specially chosen for use in schools. Poems may be searched via genre topic, period or poetic form. Due out in April 1995 from Chadwyck Healey (0223 215512). Pounds 250 (save Pounds 25 if ordered before March 31, 1995). Age 10 upwards.

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