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Pick up a stress-free island life

TEACHERS: do you fancy a change of scene? Could you live in a small community of only 1,600 people? Do you, by any chance, like penguins?

If you answered yes to all of the above, the following job vacancy, which also sounds like an answer to anyone who has ever thought "I wish I was a thousand miles from here", may appeal.

The Falkland Islands' school has a vacancy for a teacher, on a two-year contract, from January.

The successful applicant will enjoy a working environment which could be the envy of many colleagues working in Britain. The 230-pupil primary school, in the capital, Stanley, has 12 teachers, allowing three of the year groups to be taught in classes of only 15. All the other classes have under 30 pupils. The school teaches an adapted version of our national curriculum.

Teachers are promised a salary of pound;24,897 to pound;26,385, depending o experience, plus "favourable tax rates and allowances".

But it's not all about the job. Though the social scene may not be the raciest, wildlife-lovers are spoilt for choice. You can expect to see albatross, seals, sea lions, sea trout, and, of course, five varieties of penguin. The weekly paper perhaps sums things up - it's called Penguin News.

As the islands' official website puts it: "From the minute you arrive, the Falklands offers you total personal security, clean air, friendly people, no crowds, no neon, no fast food, no stress." And for anyone successful in applying for this particular post, no OFSTED inspections, we should also point out.

Anyone interested should call the Falkland Islands Government Office, on 020 7222 2542, or try e-mailing Completed application forms are due by next Wednesday, June 20

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