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Pilloried enough without GTC

I WAS under the impression that the General Teaching Council was introduced to "raise the profile of teaching".

I find it difficult to accept the weekly articles that describe cases being brought before the council. When a doctor or a lawyer is brought before their "councils" for disciplinary reasons it is usually for something much more serious than a teacher who was apparently rolling her eyes and fidgeting during an interview with parents (TES, December 13).

Our profession is constantly being pilloried; low pay and poor working conditions sap morale, poor pupil behaviour is discouraging people from either staying or even joining and huge pressure from government all add to our "woe". So why does The TES include such articles?

The last thing any of us want is to read about disciplinary matters at the GTC.

David Jones

55 Station Road Low Ackworth

Pontefract, West Yorkshire

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