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Pit your wits against the Trolls

Nature Park

CD-Rom: single user from pound;45 + VAT; 10-user pack pound;135 + VAT; Site licence pound;180 + VAT

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This is a superb update of that classic piece of software, Nature Park Adventure. This latest version gets the full multimedia treatment and features large clear graphics, sound and music, maintaining its predecessor's enjoyable approach to problem-solving.

Nature Park covers key aspects of shape and space for eight to nine-year-olds. It includes co-ordinates, lines and angles, transformations, trigonometry and problem solving. It can be used in two modes. In adventure mode, pupils must pit their wits against the Glob Monster and the Trolls to rescue missing butterflies, solving problems along the way. In activity mode, skills can be consolidated through any of eight activities, many of which are suited to a whole-class or large-group approach as well as pairs or individuals. Three levels of difficulty throughout ensure there's something for every ability group.

Like so many Sherston programs, the text is clear and the use of sound and animation will motivate children to enter into the spirit of the adventure, rescuing the missing butterflies and saving the park.

The handbook details how the teacher options operate, the activities covered in each mode, and suggestions for further classroom activities.

There is also a four-page guide to the activities which could be kept near the computer to help teacher and children.

The teacher options allow you to adjust the sound level, set the degree of difficulty (level 1 is the simplest, level 2 the default and level 3 the most challenging), and choose adventure or activity mode.

Nature Park could also be used as a starting point for environmental education.


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