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Plan to get poor students into HE

SCHOOLS in Britain's poorest areas are being asked to take part in brainstorming sessions to find ways of encouraging more disadvantaged children to go to university.

The move follows last month's report which showed that while 16 out of 20 teenagers from wealthy backgrounds go on to higher education, 17 out of 20 from the poorest families do not. The overall figure is just over a third.

Patricia Ambrose, adviser to the Committee of Vice-Chancellors and Principals which is organising the seminars, said: "This is about ways in which universities can work with youngsters in schools and target young people with potential who - perhaps because of their social background - just have not got the aspirations or experience to know what going into HE is about."

The seminars will take place in Wolverhampton on January 26, in Pontypridd on February 2 and Edinburgh on February 26.

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