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Planning an outdoor adventure

OUTDOOR AND ADVENTUROUS ACTIVITIES FOR JUNIORS. By David Balazik. Second Edition. Aamp;C Black Publishing, pound;9.99. Tel: 020 7758 0282.

This practical guide provides a useful introduction to adventurous outdoor activities for any non-specialist junior teacher. It's packed with ideas and activities that can be used indoors and outdoors. Teachers will find the photocopiable worksheets very useful.

The book has three main sections. The first draws attention to the links between the activities and the national curriculum. It focuses on some of the key stages of the national curriculum for PE and lists the potential benefits students can gain from being involved in the events.

The second section is the largest in the book. The outdoor activities are developed step-by-step, so you can choose one that's set at the right level for your class. They range in time and experience from scavenger hunting to camping. Each activity is broken down into aims, time requirement, possible locations, equipment, and target group. In-depth guidance notes and a photocopiable student worksheet support some of these activities.

The final section draws attention to important issues that need to be addressed when planning an outdoor excursion. In the supervision and safety section a checklist has been provided to ensure you have taken the all relevant steps to have a safe and enjoyable trip. This section finishes with some further reading and contact addresses, which are valuable for any teacher planning excursions. This book will facilitate the first fun steps to adventurous and enjoyable activities in the great outdoors.

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