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Play is work for five-year-olds

As an early-years teacher (currently taking a career break) and mother of a daughter in Year 1, I was delighted to see the picture on the front of the April 15 edition of The TES, showing two Year 1 boys happily engaged in water play. Every credit to the school for their initiatives.

I was also interested in and agreed with the researchers' findings that a play-based approach should be uses into Year 1, in line with the approach of many other countries.

However, I noticed that your caption stated "Mount Pleasant primary mixes learning and play depending on the maturity of its Year 1 infants".

Surely young children learn through play? It has been said that "play is a child's work". And mature infants, such as my six-year-old daughter still need to play!

Joanna Weedon 6, Orme Road Peterborough, Cambs

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