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Playing Moses

Does good teaching lead to learning? Apparently, it does. This was the central rallying call of the recent college conference I attended, with a warning to those who could not deliver. Millions of pounds are being spent measuring this simple equation based on the premise that a good teacher can instil knowledge in the most unreceptive of students. And if they don't, the logic follows that they are no good. I have been teaching for 20 years and like to think that I have had more success than failure. There will always be drop-outs, there will always be the obdurate bent on disruption.

I'm not bloody superman. I am just a teacher!

I was thinking more Old Testament than Marvel Comics. You get to play Moses. Tony Blair definitely wants to be God. Davina McCall would make a great Golden Ox, stupefying the masses with her meretricious charms. And you get to lead them away through a seemingly impassable sea to a promised land where we lead the world in manufacturing and everyone can use apostrophes correctly and score penalties when they really matter. Even Moses was a little doubtful of his chances and look what he achieved. Have faith!

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