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The play's the thing

As head of drama, I have been on more theatre trips than English teacher Lucinda McKee ("Matinee melee made Othello into farce", 4 November). Rather than teach at a private school, I work at one that embraces all walks of life. I have had far worse experiences than she has. We have been spat at and had chewing gum chucked at us during theatre trips, but it has not made me take the immature option of saying "I'm not doing it any more".

For every bad experience, I have had 15 good ones. So, before we join the new-found tendency of always blaming children (I bet Ms McKee was saying "feral" more than "summer" in August), I would like to say that the large majority of children are excellent theatre-goers, and if anyone is to blame it is the teacher in charge for failing to instruct them in theatre etiquette.

Gavin Kensit, Orpington, Kent.

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