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The play's the thing;Letter;Curruculum

The plot of The Tempest

Prospero, the rightful Duke of Milan, was usurped by his brother Antonio 12 years before the play begins and put to sea with his daughter, Miranda, then aged three. Prospero, a learned magician, now rules an island occupied by Caliban, child of the previous ruler, the witch Sycorax, and a spirit, Ariel, once Sycorax's prisoner. Prospero causes Antonio and the court of Alonso, King of Naples, to be shipwrecked on the island. Ariel torments them. Alonso's son, Ferdinand, falls in love with Miranda. Caliban plots with drunken servants of Antonio and Alonso to overthrow Prospero, but the plan is discovered. Prospero shows mercy, frees Ariel, renounces his magic and returns to Milan. Uncorrected examples of children's written work, right, based upon The Tempest

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