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Plea from Dunblane

Dunblane primary must be given time and space to recover from the horrific tragedy of March 13, or it risks being "swamped" by a constant stream of well-wishers. The plea has come from Gordon Jeyes, Stirling's education director, who says the school has been "inundated with goodwill" in the form of offers of assistance, messages of sympathy and gifts.

According to Mr Jeyes it is time for the council to support parents and teachers in their efforts to discourage the growing pressure from the outside world for "special events." The school must be allowed to return to normal.

Stirling's children's committee has earmarked an extra Pounds 490,000 for the school, where 16 primary 1 pupils and their teacher were gunned down by Thomas Hamilton six weeks ago. The council will be holding talks with the Scottish Office over the extra costs. Around Pounds 395,000 will go towards building work following the demolition of the gym where the massacre took place.

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