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Please give us a break;Letter

While applauding Mr Baker Hytch's successful time-management strategies (TES, February 13), I have also, with determination, attempted to work more efficiently over the past year to release some time for myself, home and family. Unfortunately, my efforts have been in vain and I can only conclude that it really is impossible to do the job which is expected of me in the time available.

As a primary teacher with no regular time away from the classroom to provide a breathing space for admin work, I find that the co-ordination of two subject areas, the gathering and preparation of differentiated resources, mounting of classroom and corridor displays, planning and preparation of lessons, marking, assessment and recording, meetings and out-of-school clubs and activities all conspire to rob me of any time for myself.

Time management is an issue which could be addressed during training but provision of time to do some of these tasks should be a priority if more conscientious and experienced teachers are not to be lost from the classroom.


Hazelrigg High Birstwith Harrogate North Yorkshire

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