Please give us global news

Congratulations on a superb newspaper, which sets the model for other publications to follow. However, I feel that there is one glaring shortcoming in The TES and that is your relative disinterest in FE in the wider world.

At a time when everybody agrees that education needs an international perspective, I am disappointed there is such little editorial in this area.

An example of recent news that was not reported is that despite a dreadful five million unemployed, especially youngsters, German industry is unable to fill 12 per cent of training places because the education system has not prepared the students for work.

And throughout Europe, youngsters entering the workplace face a grim future. Many, especially Poles, have no choice but to come to the UK and take unskilled jobs at low pay.

The reasons for such mass unemployment and lack of opportunities are many, but I would question an education system that trains so many, yet where so few achieve skilled work. Yet you publish barely a word on these momentous events and thus miss an opportunity for FE professionals to celebrate the scale of our achievements.

Please can you expand the news base to at least cover Europe? In so doing, let us celebrate our FE sector, marvel at the successes and acknowledge that our world is predominantly one of positive contribution to society. I know many Europeans who regard British FE as the model for others to follow.

Alan Corbett

Association of South East Colleges

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