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Please keep an open mind

As a director of New Oceans I was interested to read your report on neurolinguistic programming: "Learning? It's all in the mind" by Fran Abrams (TES, May 21).

In the article you associate Jeff Lewis with New Oceans Ltd, but Jeff has never been part of New Oceans Ltd. New Oceans Ltd is run by Paul Jacobs.

The company has been working in NLP in education and special educational needs for many years and has built up strong relationships with schools who have seen extensive benefits from our work. Jeff was a founder member of the NLP Education Network along with Paul Jacobs and so had links to New Oceans Ltd, but is not part of the company.

I feel the underlying tone of Fran Abrams throughout the article to be unrepresentative of the reaction of hundreds of teachers who have completed "NLP in education", "NLP and SEN" and "Healing attention deficithyperactivity disorder with NLP" workshops with New Oceans, not to mention the many parents whose children Paul has coached to learn to work with challenges such as ADHD and attention deficit disorder.

NLP in education can offer a fantastic range of skills and tools to the education system, improving interpretation of learning strategies and behavioural patterns, thus enabling far more effective communication and above all improved learning.

I feel this article may have cast a shadow over this and the excellent work carried out by New Oceans Ltd and other NLP organisations. I urge teachers not to cast aside this effective set of tools because of this article, but to explore the use of NLP in education for themselves.

To highlight the importance we place on NLP in education training, New Oceans is arranging several education diploma workshops across the country over the coming months, to share with as many open-minded teachers as possible our knowledge and experience of working with NLP. Details at

Darren Coles Development director New Oceans New Oceans House 39 Jennings Road St Albans, Hertfordshire

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