Please, Miss, we know how to do it

(Photograph) - Alex Standage, 11, of Crosshall junior school in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, is a keen drummer, creates music on the computer and helps his teacher attach it to PowerPoint presentations.

Shona Fagan, 10, enjoys trouble-shooting software and dabbling in Excel spreadsheets, calculating how much food was needed to cater for a camping trip.

"I like doing all the formulas. I'm quite good at maths," she said.

"Sometimes our teacher talks to the class and children do the computer for her.

"Me and my friend knew how to fix something on a programme and no one else knew."

Anne Eardley, the deputy headteacher (pictured with Alex and Shona), watched with delight as they work. Even as a leader of the school's advanced e-learning programme, she still sometimes finds that it is the children who are the most technologically savvy.

"It's terrific," she said. "There are times when you don't know everything - you don't have enough time to invest - and the children will then tell you what the programme can do and the potential problems."

Photograph: Andrew Fox

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