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Please stop moaning;Letter

I am a primary teacher and have been teaching for four years. I feel that a positive view of education needs to be given. I also support what the Government is trying to do to improve standards.

I enjoy my job. I work hard and find time to relax in the long holidays. I am committed to a career in teaching and feel both enthusiastic and optimistic about the future of education.

However, I feel frustrated and slightly embarrassed by the attitude of the teaching unions, who supposedly represent teachers' views. What is the point of moaning and being opposed to any proposals made by the Government to try to boost the education system? It gives us a reputation of being negative, self-pitying employees. Surely we should be working with the Government, not against it, and in this way provide a united force to achieve high standards together.

I agree that teaching is undermined and lacks respect. But we are not helping ourselves - we should be improving our attitude, which will improve the way we are viewed by the rest of society.

There must be other teachers like me who are part of a silent majority, just getting on with their job rather than digging their heels in at every step of the way.

Jane Bryant, Priory School, Orchard Avenue, Slough, Berkshire

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