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Pocket money: Child takes teacher captive

Original magazine headline: A handsome ransom

How far would your pupils go for some extra cash? Ravi Subhas presumably shunned the traditional paper round or weekend job, choosing a far more original, if not wholly lucrative, approach.

When the 10-year-old's father stopped giving him any pocket money, Ravi took it upon himself to kidnap his teacher. The unsuspecting 19-year-old woman was at her home when she was abducted by Ravi, who opted for a rather modest ransom of just pound;1.

Before any money changed hands or the ruse was allowed to reach its chilling conclusion, Ravi was arrested in New Delhi, India, and the woman freed to teach another day.

In these days of recession, Ravi could be saluted for his entrepreneurial spirit. Maybe next time he could set his sites a little higher though. A headteacher must be worth a fiver at the very least.

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