Podagogy Season One round up

The first half term of Tes' Podagogy podcast series is complete, so we have gathered the episodes so far into a single article for you

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The idea was to bring academic research in education – and fields related to education – right into the ears of teachers. And in the first half-term of the Tes Podagogy podcast, the fruition of that idea, we like to think we have done just that.

It kicked off in September with Daisy Christodoulou – author of Seven Myths About Education, and ended with Carol Dweck – who pioneered growth mindset theory. In between, we talked to a range of experts from all over the world. 

So below, we have put all the first series of episodes together in one place. Enjoy! 

Episode one: Daisy Christodoulou

The author of Seven Myths About Education and Making Good Progress explains why assessment is important, how teachers can do it better and why it's much more interesting than some would have you believe. 

Episode two: Dylan Wiliam

The emeritus professor of assessment at UCL Institute of Education, author of books including Inside the Black Box, talks about the complex relationship between education research and classroom practice and ruminates upon everything from Dweck's mindset theory to John Sweller's cognitive load theory. 

Episode three: Linda Graham

A leading researcher into behaviour in the classroom, Professor Graham talks "no excuses" policies, misdiagnosed special educational needs and disability, "productive discipline", and students "hard-baked" to be disruptive by ineffective school behaviour management policies

Episode four: Daniel Willingham

The renowned reading expert, professor of psychology at the University of Virginia and author of numerous education books including Why Don't Students Like School? talks to the Tes Podagogy podcast about the three processes children need to get right to become successful readers and why teachers need to overcome the fact that phonics resources tend to be "boring".  

Episode five: Sara Baker

Have we got play wrong in education? The director of the University of Cambridge's PEDAL (play in education, development and learning) centre says yes, and asks whether we should be more playful children ran progress through school, rather than less. She also talks early years foundation stage, Reception to Year 1 transition, why secondary teachers are more playful than they think they are and the importance of matching teaching to cognitive development. 

Episode six: Robert and Elizabeth Bjork

The Bjorks are among the world's leading researchers into memory and learning. For this podcast, they discuss what teachers need to know about memory and explain how group work, tailoring content to student interests and testing are key to helping students retain knowledge. 

Episode seven: Carol Dweck

Growth mindset theory is increasingly prevalent in schools – here, the Lewis and Virginia Eaton professor of psychology at Stanford University and creator of the growth mindset theory explains how her theory has been misinterpreted, what she has to say to her critics and her efforts to create a growth mindset pedagogy.

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