Poems by pupils at Villiers


(by Ruvimbo Bungwe, 14, from Zimbabwe)

"So I have a new name, refugee. Strange that a name should take away from

me my past, my personality and hope.

Strange refuge this.

So many seem to share this name, refugee, Yet we share so many


"I find no comfort in my new name. I long to share my past,

restore my pride,

To show I, too, in time, will offer more

Than I have borrowed. For now, the comfort that I seek resides in the old, yet new, name I would choose.



(by Vasikaran Jeyathevan, 12, from Sri Lanka)

"I like England! Everybody watches

EastEnders, and Beckham makes us proud.

I like England even if the Queen Mum died.

I like England. I haven't seen much of it yet.

But we've got TV."

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