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Point of purchase

Yolanda Brooks advises school buyers.

* Object of desire

The boring old highlighter pen has been re-invented as a dinky object of desire by Pritt, the company best known for its sticky stuff. The mini highlighter roller, available in yellow, pink or green, allows you to mark salient points without smearing or show through. Make a mistake with the application and you can rub it off again with your fingers. Mini highlighter rollers contain six metres of tape and are available from stationery outlets for pound;2.19.

* Kitted out

Bugsy Malone is not just a celluloid favourite, but a regular choice for school productions. Although it is a popular option, it can be expensive and time consuming for any school determined to replicate its authentic molls and gangsters atmosphere.

Andy Collier, former teacher and now director of Three Counties Youth Theatre, has come up with a time and money-saving solution - a complete Bugsy Malone kit. The kits includes model splurge guns, a telephone box, telephones, a book stall that doubles as Fat Sam's bar, signs and a rope for the boxing ring sequence. The full kit can be hired a week before the first performance for pound;160, and scripts and props can be hired for as little as pound;35.

Contact Andy Collier at 1 Clifford Avenue, Bletchley, Milton Keynes MK2 2LT. Tel: 01908 374 223. Email:

* Plastic fantastic

Quick and fuss-free inhouse laminating is now available through the 3M laminating system. Notices, exam lists, labels and works of art can be preserved with the cold system, which does not need an external power source or pre-heating.

Simply feed the document into the desktop machine; turn the handle, and then trim the edge. The machine can be used on paper, card or light cardboard measuring up to 21cm wide and 30cm long, on both sides. Or the cartridge can be changed to apply adhesive to one side. The cartridge also allows for the front of an article to be laminated and adhesive applied on the reverse. Prices start from pound;206 (plus VAT). For more information call 3M customer services on 01234 229470.

* Achieving goals

Shooting drills needn't be a dull duty with the new bright goal target from Charles Lawrence Surfaces. Striker Goals have sturdy plywood panels and a galvanised steel frame. The goals are supplied with a rectangle of synthetic turf, which is filled with sand and rubber. This allows the goal to be installed within a natural grass pitch, without the practice area in front of goal becoming muddy and uneven during wet weather.

The panels are graffiti-resistant and are available in a range of colours and designs. Personalised designs and colours are also available.

Cost and installation prices start from around pound;2,800. The final price depends on the condition of the site. Striker Goals are available from Charles Lawrence Surfaces, Brunel House, Jessop Way, Newark NG24 2ER. Tel: 01636 610 777. P> * Picture this

The Sony Mavica range of digital cameras has always been a practical option for schools, because the images can be saved to a floppy disc, making it easy for students to take their pictures, remove the disc and pass the camera on to the next person. Not only did it mean that more people could use the camera, it meant that whoever took the shot, took charge of the images.

Sony has produced two new models in the Mavica line - MVCCD200 and MVCCD300, which save the images direct to CD-R or CD-RW. While the CD-RW option is more expensive, it allows you to erase saved images and start again. Both models have a 3x digital zoom, but the MV300 has the better resolution with 3 megapixels, compared to 2.1 for the MV200.

The MV200 starts at pound;700 and the MV300 costs around pound;1,000. The individual CD-RW discs, with a capacity of 156MB, cost around pound;13 each.

For more information visit

* Thinking green

Inspire a green energy debate in the science laboratory with the Desktop fuel cell model car. Powered by 2 per cent methanol in a water solution, and measuring 8cm X 16cm, the model car costs pound;88.24, including delivery. It is available in the UK from Griffin amp; George, Bishop Meadow Road, Loughborough LE11 5RG. Tel: 01509 233 344 or go to

* Drug awareness

Sorting it Out combines video and the Internet to provide information and advice about drugs to primary pupils, teachers and parents. It uses drama to re-create real-life scenarios and is aimed at different groups. The material for five to seven-year-olds looks at safety, medicines and taking risks. For eight to 11-year-olds, it covers smoking, alcohol and illegal drugs. The adult information has ideas for developing home-school links to improve drugs education.

The video is linked to the website:, which has classroom activities, and worksheets.

Available from Care for Education, 53 Romney Street, London SW1P 3RF. Price: pound;16.99 (plus pound;1.50 pamp;p).

* Starting young

Tri Golf - the new game developed to encourage young children to take up the sport - has been launched by the Golf Foundation.

The packs - with left and right-handed irons and putters made from plastic, soft balls and a resource pack - allow young children to develop their basic skills. The clubs are weighted to give an authentic feel and the heads are outsized to make hitting the ball easier.

Tri Golf can be played indoors or out, and you can create your own courses using cones, hoops and rope. For those unfamiliar with the finer points of the grown-up-game, the activity cards feature games, activities and suggestions for developing golfing skills.

Tri Golf costs pound;176.24 and is available from Davies Sports at Novara House, Excelsior Road, Ashby Park, Ashby-de-la-Zouch, Leicestershire LE65 1NG. Tel: 0870 6000 195 or visit

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