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Pointing the finger

Staying in the US: in last week's mid-term elections the voters made clear their view of George W Bush. But one school staff member has expressed her disgust more directly to the President.

It has emerged that a school bus driver from Seattle has been sacked after she made an "obscene gesture" in front of Bush's motorcade during the summer.

The Issaquah school district in Seattle said the driver left the local zoo with a busload of pupils, but before driving them home, parked the vehicle on a slip road.

She then lay in wait, and, to the undoubted amusement of pupils, gave Bush's car the one-fingered salute as it passed by.

Unfortunately for the bus driver, the offence did not escape the attention of the President and Congressman Dave Reichert, who reported it to the district's director of transport.

An investigation was launched and the driver was sacked - amid claims the dismissal was politically motivated.

"If the bus driver had made the gesture to a driver who cut her off on a local road, we would have taken the same action," said transport boss Janet Barry.

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