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Points penalty

Your job and career questions answered

Q: My school has promoted me to a new job with two management points attached, which the head told me are only temporary. This did not apply to the previous post-holder. Why am I being treated differently?

A: The school is right. The system of management allowances was abolished in April 2004 following an announcement by the Secretary of State. But a replacement has not yet been worked out, so schools can still make appointments, but only for one year. Eventually, temporary and permanent holders will lose their allowances, or be transferred to the new framework.

In future, allowances will only be for the management of teaching and learning. This raises issues over where being in charge of mentoring students, being responsible for staff development, or supervising the loading and unloading of 14 school buses daily will fit into the framework. It will no doubt be left to personnel committees of governing bodies, guided by the head, to work out the finer details. How the new scheme will be enforced is another matter.

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